Free Herbalism

Education for Community

The Herbal Action Project is a free education resource to connect plant and people together.

Dedicated to Ms. Karkos 4th grade class at Hemphill Elementary in Central Texas.

Download our teaching menu to find us in parks, gardens and nature walks all over the nation.

Safe Space Garden Mantra for the child spirit:

“I am Safe, I Am Rooted, I am Protected”

This collaboration program is an educational piece to bring knowledge of plant spirit and tradition of Mexican herbalism & community healing for all ages, parents, teachers and the budding herbalist!

Blessing Oil for the child spirit:

It all started with a blessing oil! ✨

Our first young herbalist in training, 4th grade student Jaz, crafted an infusion of calendula & olive to soothe growing pains!

This compound became popular for parents, children & the teachers! We distributed our first product with intention to community and families in need of a little hope and love.

Our blessing oil continues to be one of our main formulas used in our herbalist practices and a key healing compound for child care botanical education.

As herbalism is the peoples medicine for mind , body & spirit; we have decided to give away our recipe as all should have this knowledge to create, craft and bring love to community!

Jaz’s Blessings Oil Formula:

Materials Needed/ a mason jar, handful of dried calendula flowers & olive oil!


Hold the dried calendula flowers next to your heart with both hands! Whisper kind and positive words to your flowers!

Then sprinkle the flowers in the mason jar. Drizzle the olive oil in the jar until it fills up! Give the jar a fun little shake, helping the flowers dance with the olive oil! Make sure the lid is closed tightly before giving it a shake!

Say hello to your jar every day for 30 days! Give the jar a little shake every day and keep the jar tucked in a safe, cool space. After 30 days, you can strain the oil with a cheese cloth or simple kitchen strainer, separating the flowers from the oil.

Place the oil in small jars and use this as a healing base for boo-boo balms, warming bath oils, skin healing oils & creams.

Download our free formula resource below for more of our community herbalism recipes and herbal action education 🌿